The Magic Of
Matthew Roddy
For more than 10 years, the Magic of Matthew Roddy has custom produced some of the highest quality, and most unusual effects in magic for both the professional, and serious amateur as well.
Our goal is to help YOU take over the world as sorcerer supream (or soceress).
Most of the effects we offer are completely
self working.  As you know
, the strongest magic is usually the simplest!  But, this doesn't mean the methods can't be devilishly deceptive!
We want to give you the maximum flexibility/creativity in your magic, so we share our construction secrets with you so that you can make an effect your own!

All the magic shown here was born in performance.  If it didn't "kill" when we tried it on stage, it isn't presented to you.
So read their thoughts, do a float right in front of them, vanish, burn and build 'em.

We're here with the tools; the magic will come from you!

    Matthew Roddy
    Walt Noon

    P.S. We'll do our best to include a video, and honest review on each of the following pages.  Enjoy the show.

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Hey!  Don’t read this!  It’s just some “key” words to help the search engines find our site.  Our site is so graphic intense that the search services have no way to read what our content is.  So,  we’ll give them a clue here in a nonsense sentence…

It’s all about magic and mentalism.  We use PK magnets and many magician slights to give you free magic pages. Make your own Flashpaper for pennies a sheet, float things on invisible thread. Wonderful distributors like Tannen, Stevens, Hank Lee and others carry our gimmicks.  We conjure our heads off for Magic Magazine and try mindreading every day.  By the way, flashcotton is easy to make too.  Almost as easy as flashpaper.  Anyway, remember Genii and the magic is in you.  We have methods and effects and magic construction videos.  Free illusions and free magic pages always.  The art of magic can be seen in the flea circus in our construction video pages.